Why Choose Us?

We're Experienced

We have over 10 years experience in the wedding industry and know how weddings should flow!  We know the questions to ask and how to get everyone in your bridal party done beautifully and on time.

We know many vendors from photographers to DJ’s and understand the coordination it takes to make a wedding day come together.  

We're Prepared

Our team does everything we can to make your day as stress-free as possible.  Not only do we have a large collection of makeup and skin care but we also carry an “Emergency Kit”.  This kit contains everything from sewing supplies to extra jewelry!

We're Efficient

Our Beauty Team works like an assembly line.  One person will begin with makeup while another starts with hair.  All makeup looks and hairstyles will be completed first then touch-ups and other changes will be made at the end so that interruptions are kept to a minimum and everyone gets done on time.  

We strive to make everyone happy and will always do our best but the Bride is our focus!

We're Fun

We at Pink Warrior take our jobs very seriously, but never take ourselves too seriously!  We love to have fun, joke, and take your mind off of any stress that we can!

 We also know we aren’t perfect so we encourage our clients to let us know anything they are not happy with because we want to fix it.  If you want a makeup team that’s somber and boring – we aren’t it.